Marek cilf Polcar

Hi there!

My name is Marek Polcar. I'm currently entertained as a remote full-stack developer based close to Brno.

2016/2017 - Spent a year traveling & working in New Zealand (

December 2015 - Visited Morocco and blogged about it.

April 2015 - Launched Tapka, the ultimate dog breeders platform.

Feb 2015 - Two weeks in southeast asia - Cambodia.

Aug 2014 - I decided to spend three months in Portugal to combine travelling and working at the same time.

I got an awesome chance to study in the US last academic year via student exchange program. I'm proud to say I was able to stick to my determination and kept a diary. This interesting blog came as a result. It's in Czech and contains a lot of funny pictures!

For my bachelor's thesis I created a tool which aims to help with English synonyms, derived words, autosuggestion and spelling easily and efficiently. Let me introduce you to mighty Languator.

Wanna get in touch?
Shoot me an email at or find me on whichever you prefer:

Primary Bank account # 1300865027/3030 (Air Bank).

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